Intensive Outpatient treatment Services

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Everyone seeks to achieve good mental health and wellbeing. Sadly, not everyone achieves success in this area because of lost hope - The hope of paying for the services they require, the hope that their bad situation can get better, the hope that someone cares for them and ultimately, the hope of full recovery.

In a world full of trials and challenges, Hope is almost the only thing that keeps people going. Bringing a ray of sunshine to even the dullest day.

Having helped countless persons who have had Drug Addiction struggles and Mental health issues, we have worked with them to get them to be more functional through our holistic,​ supportive, non-judgmental, integrative approach and evidence-based techniques of treatment. We noted the unique role and impact our service plays in the society and saw the great need of making our premium service become accessible to everyone who needs or requires it regardless of status or financial capabilities.

Intensive Outpatient treatment Services

The Oleaster Wall of Hope was established as a non-profit initiative of The Oleaster Wellbeing and Recovery Centre in 2020 to give hope to individuals, families and communities.

The symbol of “The Wall of Hope” is a physical wall located at the premises of The Oleaster Wellbeing and Recovery Centre. This wall holds stories of hope, healing, friendship, recovery, inspiration, strength and the connectedness of humanity.

The wall is a treasure trove of gifts. Here, individuals, families can gift people a chance of a lifetime (ranging from nuggets of hope and inspiration to payments towards a session with a therapist or even a night or more of hospital admission). This is done in the most seamless and most amazing way, where givers and receivers never meet. All you need to do is make a donation, and we put it on the wall. The person that needs it will surely see it and we take it off the wall and use it for them.

The wall is accessible to individuals, families, communities and associations who want to pin motivational quotes, inspirational stories, words of encouragement, gifts and financial donations for vulnerable individuals and their families. Donations on the wall are kept anonymous. (unless otherwise requested by donor). Our team of social workers use the pinned items to meet the needs of patients who need it.

This is a not-so-small way of giving hope to the heart that is in despair, lifting the mood of the sad and sending a ray of sunshine to brighten someone's cloudy day.

How wonderful will it be to see a wall full of good deeds? How fulfilling to know that you are giving hope to someone?

So, when next you stop by ask us how you can be a part of this and please pay our wall a visit!

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