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The Oleaster

The Oleaster provides a holistic treatment approach needed to fight addiction and other mental health issues. Our Client-first philosophy, licensed and empathetic staff allow us to meet you wherever you are along your recovery journey.

We work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your individual needs. Our integrative approach combines today’s most effective treatment strategies with long-standing, evidenced-based techniques to help you achieve lasting recovery.

Just the way every individual is unique, with different characteristics, circumstances, family dynamics, that’s the same way each person’s illness or struggle is different. Therefore, no single treatment approach works best for everyone, each case is thus approached individually.

The hallmark of our approach is integrative and personalized care delivered by an expert team of wellness, mental health and addiction treatment professionals.

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To be a leader in the field of mental Health and rehabilitation by delivering an exceptional and stigma free patient experience.
To walk alongside our clients on their journey to recovery by understanding their past and working together to build a new future through the integration of quality care, comfort, technology, education, and advocacy.
The Oleaster is founded on the following core values and we work hard to ensure these remain at the heart of everything we do with our clients, our staff and our partners.

Our Core


Open Mindedness Services


We respect the perspective of others and value the contribution that families and friends make to our client’s recovery.

Life Long Learning Experience

Life-long Learning

We embrace opportunities to acquire new knowledge and learn new skills.

personal responsibility of client


We take personal responsibility for ensuring the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct with each other and with our clients.

accountability of every client


We accept and uphold our full responsibility to our clients, their families, the community, our staff and organization.

skillful diversity for all

Skillful Diversity

We recognize the right of all individuals to respect, dignity, fairness and equality, and honor, nurture and respond to everyone regardless of religious, ethnic and socio economic differences.

teamwork and partnership

Teamwork and Partnership

We are committed to building and sustaining effective and harmonious relationships and connections with others in order to achieve mutually beneficial objectives.

Excellence & Innovation

Excellence & Innovation

We are committed to continuous improvement by seizing opportunities to exceed expectations and achieve innovative outcomes.

Respect & Integrity

Respect & integrity

We treat people with kindness, dignity, respect, utmost privacy & confidentiality.