Intensive Outpatient rehab center

Substance abuse intensive outpatient programs are direct services for people with substance use disorders or co-occurring mental and substance use disorders (people in dual diagnosis treatment) who do not require medical detoxification or 24-hour supervision. They are alternatives to inpatient and residential treatment programs and are designed to establish psychosocial supports and facilitate relapse management and coping strategies. At The Oleaster drug rehabilitation center, our Clients learn to be self sufficient through learning skills and how to function successfully in our safe and structured environment for most part of the day such that they are supported through recovery by reducing harm and exposure to triggers.

This program is tailored to meet individual needs, accommodating those who are unable to come in for full residential care and even those on medication assisted therapy. Suitability for this program is ascertained after an initial assessment or at the point of discharge from full residential treatment.

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