Our Professionals Psychologist

Dr Dayyabah Shaibu

Clinical Lead

Dr Dayyabah Shaibu is a mental health Physician, an internationally certified addiction professional, and a sleep Specialist.

She's a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the British sleep Society.

Dr Dayyabah (Popularly called Dr Dee) is a well motivated mental health advocate with interests in Human behaviour, Addiction Psychiatry, Sleep medicine, wellness and Lifestyle, Dr Dayyabah strives to normalise conversations around mental health in a view to seeing that her patients become the best version of themselves.

She believes that no one should lose their human dignity simply because they have a mental illness. Empathy, Open mindedness, Confidentiality and integrity are values Dr Dayyabah does not joke with as she works with her Patients in a non judgemental manner.

Dr Orjinta Nancy

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Orjinta Nancy Kenechi is a Consultant Psychiatrist, a fellow of the West African College of Physicians, a member of the American Psychiatric Association, a member of the Biological Psychiatry Society of Nigeria and a John Hopkins University-certified psychological first aid provider.

She has over a decade of experience in the management of a wide range of psychiatric conditions at the renowned Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Yaba, Lagos. She now works as the Consultant Psychiatrist at The Oleaster Wellbeing and Recovery Center Abuja. Her career is focused on clinical work and research.

She has a passion for promoting healthy lifestyles as a means to prevent and manage mental health conditions. Hence, she works with Sleep 729®, a service provider for sleep problems.

She is also the founding Clinical Director of Psychgam Services®, an organisation that is setting the pace in awareness creation, assessment and management of gambling addiction in Nigeria.

Outside of her professional life, Dr Nancy has been and is still involved in volunteer work. She enjoys partnering with NGOs in the mentorship of young persons, giving them much-needed formation and support in various spheres of their lives.

She enjoys music, reading, making friends and getting to know people well.

Dr Chisom Ugona

Senior Medical Officer

Dr Chisom Ugona first became interested in medicine at the age of 8. This led her to attend Ebonyi State University, where she graduated with excellence. She was licensed in 2017, after which she began her career as a physician.

Dr Chisom is known for her patience, dedication and attention to detail for each individual patient case.

Her hobbies include reading fictional books, playing tennis and watching movies.

She hopes to continue and improve her medical skills in order to improve patient outcomes and encourage the next generation of physicians.

Maria-Theresa Saliu

Clinical Psychologist

Maria-Theresa Saliu is an addiction specialist and clinical psychologist . She trained in the United Kingdom and currently the Head of the Psychology Department of the Consortium. She is a certified CBT professional and has experience dealing with substance use disorders, anger, PTSD, depression, trauma and abuse. Maria also volunteers with Reconnect HDI a charity that advocates for people affected by substance abuse and mental health problems.

Emmanuel Akpan

Clinical Psychologist

Emmanuel Akpan is a Sleep Therapist with a specialisation in CBT-insomnia trained in the UK. He is a Clinical Psychologist and an Addiction Therapist.

He has an interest in public health counselling and his research interest is in Sleep health, drug addiction and general mental health.

Emmanuel Akpan is a member of the International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP) Global, a member of ISSUP Nigeria Chapter and currently the Akwa Ibom State Coordinator ISSUP.

He is a member of Recovery Allies, the Nigeria Association of Clinical Psychologists (NACP) and the Nigeria Psychological Association.

Emmanuel Akpan is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association.

Oluwatoyin Ogunkanmi

Clinical Psychologist

Oluwatoyin Ogunkanmi is a Psychologist and a Certified Family Life Practitioner. She is a strong advocate for authentic living and positive parenting; helping parents to create a serene family life by teaching and providing them with practical strategies, tools and information to raise well-balanced children and Adolescents.

She also helps individuals to live a thriving life by providing them with tools and resources to cope with daily living.

Oluwatoyin Ogunkanmi has published 4 books and several eBooks on parenting and family life, among which is her best-seller Smart Parenting.

She has a passion for teaching and coaching parents to be deliberate in their role and on their parenting journey. She is married with 3 great children.

Psychologist Toyin has been featured on many media platforms like Christian broadcasting network (700club) Channels Tv, AIT, RhythmFM, WeFM, ArmedForces Radio, NigeriaInfo Abuja, Vision Fm and also in Print media like the Daily Trust and Business Day.