Opioid Addiction treatment

A service that is designed for people who are dependent on Pentazocine, Pethidine, Heroine, to the more common opioids like Codeine. Opioids are a group of medications prescribed to treat pain. With prolonged use, pain-relieving effects may lessen and pain can become worse. In addition, the body can develop dependence. Opioid dependence causes withdrawal symptoms, which makes it difficult to stop taking them. Addiction occurs when dependence interferes with daily life. Taking more than the prescribed amount or using illegal opioids such as heroin may result in death.
People may find themselves using opioids in worrying proportions after they are given a prescription for some painful conditions (be it an accident, injury, a surgical procedure or Sickle Cell crisis).

Patients are given a prescription and specified dose from a doctor, with no intention of abusing the medication. However, over a period of time, a person may feel that the drug is no longer as effective as it was in the beginning. This feeling is caused by an increased tolerance to the painkillers, which means that the substance has built up within a person’s body.

A tolerance can also cause a person to take larger doses than their recommended amount in order to achieve the effects they want. Increasing the medication dosage can lead to a physical dependence, whereby they need to continue taking the drug to feel normal.

Eventually a physical dependence can lead to cravings, which are characterized by growing urges to continue using the drug – despite negative consequences that may occur.

When a person’s drug-seeking behavior scales completely out of control and begins to compromise their physical and psychological health, a full-blown addiction is present. Addiction is far more serious than a strong desire to use drugs – it is a neurological disease that feels inescapable to the person suffering.

An individual who struggles with a substance abuse disorder will often wish to quit but feels unable to do so on their own. The best way a person can fully overcome the grips of an addiction to opioid painkillers is by seeking treatment at an inpatient rehab center.

At The Oleaster, our Opioid addiction treatment service focuses on designing treatment plans that suit an individual’s need and ultimately aims at achieving life-long recovery in the most comfortable way. Our treatment approach varies but include discontinuing the drug, medication assisted treatment using a substitute that is prescribed and monitored by a licensed professional (these can help alleviate the symptoms of withdrawals and cravings), counselling and support and finding suitable alternatives for pain management.

Pairing medication with inpatient or support programmes generally has the most success.

Eventually, many individuals are able to realise that the rewards of progressing through a treatment program far outweigh the “high” they used to achieve from drug use.

“Treatment was the best thing that ever happened to me and truly did help save my life. I spent years injecting pentazocine after I had a surgical procedure. I never knew there were Residential treatment centers near me, until a friend linked me up. I had a therapist who was patient but firm. She believed in me and was interested in my overall wellbeing as a human being. She made me take ownership of my recovery and get back the life I had always wanted”…… N.T, (Person in Recovery)

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