Drug and Alcohol detoxification

As a drug rehabilitation center, the first step to a successful treatment is medically-supervised detox. This process may include the use of medication assisted treatment which involves the use of some medications in combination with talk therapy to treat addiction This, we provide in a relaxing yet upscale and serene environment developed to help patients begin their journey to recovery, personal growth and positive changes.

Following a detoxification process is the critical phase of the addiction recovery process. This is best achieved through residential drug rehab program but can be done through an intensive day rehabilitation and clinical stabilization service. Here, you will live in the facility and take part in group and individual therapy sessions to target your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that encourage substance use. You will also be equipped with coping skills to manage your triggers and address other life issues. Our continual goal is to foster long-term sobriety in every client that walks through our doors.

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